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BrickUniverse is a family operated LEGO® fan event organized by fans, for fans of all ages. Join us and experience one of the largest LEGO® fan events in the country.

   Since 2014, BrickUniverse has helped inspire thousands of LEGO® enthusiasts in over 60+ events in cities all across the United States. Attendees will meet professional LEGO® artists from around the world and view their awe-inspiring LEGO® exhibits and creations. Prepare to be amazed by incredible LEGO® creations from intricate displays to massive creations made with hundred of thousands of LEGO® bricks. Spend time with the artists and learn the secrets of master building. Visit the LEGO® building area and create your very own LEGO® masterpiece for display at the event. And don't forget to stop by one of the many brick merchants selling everything LEGO® from retired and new sets, rare parts, LEGO® minifigures, custom pieces and so much more!


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