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BrickUniverse is an industry-leading, family operated LEGO® fan exhibition with the most creations built by professional artists under one roof. Join us and experience one of the largest LEGO® fan events in the country.


Since 2014, BrickUniverse has inspired thousands of LEGO® enthusiasts in over 70+ events in cities all across the United States. Over the years, our family has aimed to demonstrate how everyone's favorite brick is more than just a toy. Today, we are honored to present a major exhibition of works by celebrated contemporary artists from around the country.

BrickUniverse is the place to go for all things LEGO® and provides fans an one-of-kind experience where they can meet award-winning artists and explore their awe-inspiring LEGO® exhibits. Discover incredible works of art from intricate mosaics to massive creations built by hand with thousands of LEGO® bricks. Enjoy exclusive presentations, unleash your creativity in unique Building Zones, meet local fans and skilled artisans, and and so much more. BrickUniverse is where play meets art so join us and immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of LEGO® bricks.

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